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Photo of Holy Goat cheese and grapes on a wooden cutting board.

The Cheese

Holy Goat Creamery produces a premium selection of handcrafted pasteurized cheeses, exhibiting exceptionally fresh, clean flavors and textures—a direct result of the pure, high-quality goat’s milk produced by our Nubian goats on Arch Angel Farm in Manhattan, Kansas.


Features a velvety texture with a tangy, earthy flavor. Perfect on it's own or combined with your favorite sweet or savory additions. 

Ingredients: Pure pasteurized goat milk, culture, rennet, enzymes, kosher salt 
Flavored chevre varieties may include: fruit, peppers, scallions, herbs, spices, bacon, maple syrup or sugar 


Tangy, sharp and salty flavor profile with a firm creamy texture. A favorite among our customers.

Ingredients: Pure pasteurized goat milk, culture, enzymes, rennet, kosher salt

Bloomy Rind<br>Styles
Bloomy Rind

Our newest offerings are bloomy rind style cheeses. These are soft-ripened cheeses featuring an edible rind and a mild intensity, creamy flavor profile. We currently offer a double cream brie as well as a camembert style, both of which present perfectly on a cheese plate or charcuterie board. 

"Coeur d'Sainte" (goat camembert) - Pure pasteurized goat milk, buttermilk, culture, salt, rennet
"Peche Noir" (double cream brie with ash line) - Pasteurized goat milk, heavy cream, culture, rennet, vegetable ash, salt

Goat Milk<br>Caramel Sauce
Goat Milk
Caramel Sauce

Styled after Mexican "cajeta". Incredibly rich sweet caramel with savory overtones and a touch of cinnamon.


Ingredients: fresh goat milk, cane sugar, Canela cinnamon

Goat Cheese<br>Truffles
Goat Cheese

Perfect for a tasty (not-overly-sweet) after dinner bite, as a snack or great with a nice glass of champagne; our goat cheese truffles are hand rolled and coated in rich Ghirardelli cocoa powder. We've never met anyone who could stop at just one! 



Ingredients: pasteurized goat milk, Ghiardelli dark chocolate, Double Dutch cocoa powder